INSAN Academy

INSAN Academy

INSAN has launched Public Intellectual Initiative - now INSAN Academy that commits to educating common masses students and researching how to navigate through this complexity. The challenge ahead is to find the best way to integrate existing resources and use the wisdom of the disciplines and the strengths of separate units in an inspiring and productive academic enterprise. Therefore, INSAN seeks to respond by initiating a nation-wide Intellectual initiative. This program invites scholars, academics, faculty members, and students to engage in a methodological practice to learn about the most important disciplines. 

The Intellectual Initiative is composed of the following four components:

Lectures of Sociology:

The Sociology Lectures component of the Intellectual Initiative aims to introduce the history and science of sociology for the Afghan audience. Through lectures and presentations, scholars will present contemporary concepts of sociology and provide guidance on how to gain a broader understanding of institutions and social reality, and develop a critical approach to social issues. The program will cover significant topics within the discipline, including dominant theories and their corresponding schools of thought, as well as practical themes that are relevant to Afghan society.

Lectures of History:

The goal of the history lectures is to provide a new perspective on Afghan history. The program will focus specifically on the history of war and peace in contemporary Afghanistan, and scholars will use a modern academic methodology to analyze historical events and discuss the philosophy of history. It is vital for Afghans to have a strong understanding of the nation's historical knowledge and past memories.

Lectures of Philosophy:

The Philosophy Lecture series, offered by INSAN, acknowledges the inherent right of individuals to engage in philosophical inquiry and aims to promote the study and application of philosophy and critical thinking in daily life. The curriculum encompasses a diverse range of philosophical perspectives, including ancient, analytical, continental, and Islamic philosophy.