This initiative is aimed at fresh undergraduate students of social sciences and humanities from public and private higher education institutions and will consist of a series of public lectures. The subjects covered will include Sociology, Philosophy, Culture, and History.

The French Institute - Afghanistan was the first partner of this initiative, and 20 lectures on French Sociology were held. The complete list and titles of the lectures are as follows:

  1. The first ages of French Sociology 
  2. Aguste Kent and his Social Thoughts
  3. Aguste Kent and his Social Thoughts, 2nd part
  4. Positivism 
  5. Sociology of Emile Durkheim 1st Part
  6. The Principles of Sociology 2nd Part
  7. Suicide 
  8. Sociology of Religion
  9. Sociology of Sports 
  10. Feminism
  11. The Methodologic Journey of Sociology
  12. Edgar Morin and Complexity Theory 
  13. Sociology of Science 
  14. Pierre Bourdieu and the Theory of Distinction 
  15. Sociology of Photography 
  16. Jean Baudrillard and the Theory of the Consumer Society 
  17. Michel Foucault, History and the Theory of Discourse Analysis 
  18. The Idea of Power in the thoughts of Michel Foucault 
  19. Sociology and Post Modernism
  20. Sociology in Contemporary France 


Video Lectures:

"After the Soraya; A Story of One Century", A Video Lecture by Dr Alema

"After the Soraya; A Story of One Century", A Video Lecture by Dr Humaira Qaderi

Humo Deus, A Book Review by Ziaullhaq Shams

Herbert Spencer; Thoughts and Influences, A Video Lecture by Ziaulhaq Shams

Kabul – a place, of all of us, in a long story, A Series of films about feelings of Kabul


Philosophy of Religion, Lecture by Muhammad Moheq 

Moral Philosophy, Lecture by Dr Muhammad Amin Ahmadi