Conferences are an integral part of events organized by INSAN. We hold various types of conferences to bring together a large audience and provide opportunities for speeches, lectures, and the sharing of insights on specific issues. INSAN's conferences are open to the public, and all are welcome to participate. 


On the occasion of the 33rd death and 93rd birth anniversary of Prof. Majrooh\ THREE DAYS CONFERENCE


Remembering the works and legacy of Prof. Majrooh 


Fahimullah Karim; Director of INSAN Institute

Nurulhabib Nisar, PhD; Writer and Researcher

Dr Omar Sharifi; Lecturer at the American University of Afghanistan

Zarin Anzoor; Cultural Adviser to President of IR of Afghanistan 

Kawun Kakar; Managing Director, Kakar Advocates

Place: INSAN Institute – In Person – 12 February 2021


Prof. Majrooh and the Importance of Philosophy in the time of Crises 

Moderator: Muhammad Shuaib Wahdat; Research Fellow, INSAN Institute


Dr Omar Sadar; Lecturer at the American University of Afghanistan

Talal Baidar; Writer and Philosophy Researcher

Place: INSAN Institute – Online Webinar – 12 February 2021


Trends and Studies of Islamic Philosophy in Afghanistan

Moderator: Ahmad Ershad Ehrar; Writer and Analyst


Mohammad Moheq; Islamic Scholar and Afghan Ambassador to Egypt

Sayed Hussain Eshraq; Writer and Philosophy Researcher

Place: INSAN Institute – Online Webinar – 11 February 2021


On the Occasion of World Peace Day 


Dr Jawad Salihi; Dean of Gawharshad University and Professor

Haji Mohammad Nikzad; Member of 'People Peace Movement'

Ziaulhaq Shams; Sociologist and Research Deputy, INSAN Institute

Place: Gawharshad University – In Person – 21 September 2019


Remembering Mahatma Gandhi on his 150th Birth Anniversary


Dr Ahmadullah Archiwal; Nonviolence Researcher, Writer and Journalist

Azim Basharmal; University Lecturer

Habiba Ashna; Women Rights Activist

Place: INSAN Institute – In Person – 2 October 2019


Launching Ceremony of 5th Issue of INSAN Magazine

Place: Khost Province – 3 April 2017