About Talks

INSAN Talks is a platform for open dialogue among humanist minds who have a scientific approach. In May 2019, INSAN launched this initiative to bring all types of events under one umbrella and foster discussions and thoughts for the betterment of humanity in Afghanistan.

INSAN Talks welcomes individuals from every field and discipline who are interested in a deeper understanding of national and global affairs. We host and organize workshops, conferences, and seminars that are planned, arranged, and administered by various program coordinators who specialize in different fields.

INSAN Talks also produces special conversations, humanity-inspiring stories, lectures, and dialogues. Furthermore, INSAN Talks is dedicated to organizing and hosting annual conferences, series of events, and public lectures. We will also publish podcasts, interviews, radio hours, and exclusive discussions as a way to share the insights gained from our events with a broader audience. Our goal is to provide a platform for individuals to come together and share their ideas and perspectives in order to promote understanding, critical thinking, and positive change in society.

Speakers and Engagement

At INSAN, we dignify thoughts and believe in the basic civil right of discussion and the promotion of freedom of thought and speech. We invite a diverse range of speakers to participate in our events and share their perspectives.

Information on past and upcoming speakers can be found on our website.


In addition to organizing discussions, INSAN Talks also conducts webinars, podcasts and produces video and audio materials and exclusive talk shows.

Our broadcasting policy is available for review

Talks Groups (Partners and Innovations)

INSAN Talks invites all relevant local communities and national and international entities to mobilize for prosperity, enlightenment, and change. We collaborate with a variety of groups and initiatives to expand the reach and impact of our events and discussions.

These partnerships and collaborations are listed on our website