The INSAN Research Organization, founded and registered in October 2020, was an independent, non-partisan, and non-governmental research organization in Afghanistan. Now, INSAN Foundation's research agenda aims to encourage high-quality research in policy-relevant areas in order to provide vital inputs for policy formulation, implementation, and evaluation.

The culture of credible analysis, research, and knowledge production at INSAN Research is rooted in the diverse and complex problems of Afghan society. Afghans, more than ever, need to think and reflect on the challenges they are facing and seek long-lasting solutions. In the fast-paced transformation of the world, it is essential for Afghans to be more adaptable, upgraded, and updated in order to walk alongside developed and developing nations with dignity.

INSAN Research Program is transparent, reliable, and accessible to the public, as well as to academia, experts, and policy analysts. Our publications are unrestricted and available to individuals and organizations all over the world. Through its publications, events, media appearances, and Talks, INSAN Research has become a unique discussion hub for intellectuals, humanists, and other stakeholders to discuss the best thoughts and practices in policy-making, government, and nurturing society.

At INSAN Research Program, we value critical thinking, innovative thoughts, and empirical findings through cross-disciplinary scholarship and professionalism. We strive to contribute to the development of Afghanistan by promoting research, knowledge production, and evidence-based policies.



As a research organization, the INSAN Research's mission is to draw a roadmap for sustainable development and bring improvement in policy-making and the execution of developmental programs in Afghanistan and region. The Program aims to institutionalize productive discourse by challenging dominant ideas, expanding the borders of knowledge, debating leadership theories, conducting educational programs, and reviewing policies to improve living conditions for Afghans.

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Research Agenda

While promoting human prosperity as a core belief, INSAN Research has developed integrated programs to engage government, civil society, and other stakeholders in a discourse that influences policy formulation in the public interest.

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INSAN Research operates on a trilateral basis, serving as a generator of original research, a research and media resource center for individuals and organizations, and as a research capacity and infrastructure builder.

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