Afghanistan Research Network

The Afghanistan Research Network (ARN) is committed to supporting and empowering the Afghan academic community through comprehensive networking efforts. Our goal is to facilitate the establishment of a national research policy, improve capacity within the research community, and connect Afghanistan with the international academic community. Additionally, we aim to address challenges such as plagiarism, lack of valid data, and poor methodology. Many Afghan researchers still require training in scientific research methods and ethics in order to effectively practice in their field. Given the country's limited history of research due to past restrictions and prolonged conflicts, there is a pressing need to institutionalize research and promote a culture of factual reasoning in society. 

ARN serves as a common platform for researchers working in the social and human sciences, providing opportunities for mutual benefit and fostering the advancement of innovative knowledge. The network also aims to facilitate the sharing of academic research, as well as activities related to the preservation of history, culture, religion, and other elements of the human and social sciences.

The network will focus on these areas:

  • Supporting independent research and publications;
  • Advocating for the creation of a national research policy in Afghanistan;
  • Advocating for the institutionalization of research in Afghanistan;
  • Building a culture of research;
  • Enhancing capacity in the research field;
  • Providing a transparent and cohesive overview of studies and research on Afghanistan and Afghans;
  • Promoting research in undergraduate programs at universities.