Board of Directors

Shabnam Salehi is a distinguished women's rights activist and scholar from Afghanistan, currently serving as a visiting lecturer and researcher at the University of Ottawa....

Shabnam Salehi

1Board Chair

Mujahid S. Karimi is the Vice-Chair at INSAN Foundation for Media and Research. With a focus on fostering strong governance, the Vice-Chair assists in agenda planning, decision-making, and board member engagement.

Mujahid S. Karimi

2Board Vice-Chair

Baitullah Hamidi is a multimedia specialist and former lecturer at the Communication Studies Department of Kabul University. With his expertise in producing, editing, and designing multimedia content, he has a profound understanding of media projection and representation discourse, majoring in new media. He has three yea...

Baitullah Hameedi


From Kabul, Afghanistan, Dr. Mohammad Farid Bazgar is both a seasoned Medical Doctor and an MBA graduate in Human Resource Management and Healthcare. With over 26 years in...

Mohammad Farid Bazger


Born in Kabul, Afghanistan, Abdul Ghafoor Liwal is a distinguished figure with a profound literature, journalism, and diplomacy background. Educated at globally recognized...

Abdul Ghafoor Liwal

5Director of Research and Studies

Nazeer Sahaar embarked on a distinguished journey in the world of media after obtaining his degree from Kabul University's journalism faculty in 2005. Over the past two dec...

Nazeer Ahamd Sahaar

6Director of Media and Publication


Shafiqa Nikzad