Who We Are

INSAN is an independent organization composed of a dedicated group of experts, primarily volunteers, who come from diverse backgrounds and possess various areas of expertise. We are united in our unwavering commitment to fostering enlightenment and human prosperity, and we strive to attain our objectives through media and events, educational initiatives, and rigorous research and studies.

At the core of our beliefs lies the fundamental principle that all individuals are inherently equal, and our devotion to the greater good of humanity is paramount. Our organization vehemently opposes discrimination based on factors such as race, color, creed, social class, gender, religion, or political ideologies. INSAN Foundation’s guiding values are rooted in liberty and equality. We firmly uphold the notion that every person is entitled to freedom of thought, freedom of expression, and the liberty to practice or abstain from practicing their religious beliefs.

The current state of Afghanistan is marked by fragmentation and peril. We firmly assert that prosperity is not a matter of chance but rather a result of human efforts. Our mission is to promote critical thinking, human rights, democracy, pluralistic values, and enlightened ideas, especially in regions facing adversity. To this end, we actively engage with the international academic and research community, establish innovative and adaptable frameworks, and generate new knowledge to discover more effective approaches to preventing further catastrophes.

As of now, INSAN stands as a leading institution actively pursuing our shared objectives through a variety of programs, publications, events, forums, and other initiatives.

Our Core Values

Commitment to Humanistic Values

We believe that the well-being of humanity is of the utmost importance, and it is reflected in our research output, advocacy, educational programs, and policy-making.


Based on the values we believe in; our team operates independently. Our staff works independently and approves research after ensuring the quality and validity of their work.

High quality, transparency, and accountability

We strive for best practices, innovative approaches, and continuous improvement in our research, policy analysis, and public affairs.

Intellectual pluralism

We believe that all opinions are valid as long as they do not justify harm to others. We value different ideas and diversity in perspectives as they contribute to the enrichment of human knowledge.


INSAN is the result of the united efforts of a dedicated team. We believe that working together in a supportive environment can be more productive and have a more significant impact.

Critical thinking

We encourage our staff and researchers to challenge the status quo and to question accepted norms and patterns that have caused stagnation in various aspects and stages of our society's work.

Sustainability and self-reliance

We sustainably use resources, conscious of our impact on the environment.


INSAN values unpaid social and community work and contributions by staff and other individuals in society and actively seeks out volunteers who offer their help in different research and humanitarian programs we offer towards society.