How We Work

INSAN's mission is both simple and profound. We're dedicated to advancing enlightenment, human prosperity, and science through diverse programs, research, and policy engagement. We stand for global ethics, equality, and freedom of speech, championing humanistic values and civil rights. Simultaneously, we celebrate achievements in science, technology, education, and economics that improve lives.

To fulfill our mission, we collaborate with governments, media, civil society, and scholars, promoting research-backed policies and knowledge dissemination, not only in Afghanistan but also across the region and beyond.

Our Impact (Pre-Exile Portfolio)

We have gathered, classified, and archived our past work in Afghanistan. We have documented our impact, engagement, and vision for human life and beyond.

Please review our pre-Exile portfolio to learn more about our past work.
INSAN in Exile; a Strategic Framework

As an ambitious institution, we reflect on our past and use it to shape our vision for the future as we continue to pursue our commitment to humanity.

Please review our next Strategic Framework, INSAN in Exile, to learn more about our plans moving forward.